Ten Trail Challenge

We started the Ten Trail Challenge to share our love of the trails around Bellingham and Mt. Baker and to encourage, inspire, motivate and create a supportive community that wants to get outside and explore.

The challenge can best be described as a Bellingham-based, go at your own speed, team-centric, get out the door with your friends and explore the trails challenge. The goal is to complete the challenge and earn a high quality framed print (check out the design here) while at the same time earning points for your team. The winning team and runner-up is awarded a customized print poster with the team name and Champion or Runner-Up designation.

The challenge spans ten weekends (July 11th through September 15th, 2019) and allows you to choose the day and time of each attempt. There will be ten trail photo opps designated where you will take a selfie and post it on Instagram tagging @tentrailchallenge and with the appropriate hashtag. Visit and Instagram all ten trails and you’ve completed the challenge. Progress of all participants and team scoring will be posted on this website throughout the month.

Team scoring is simple, 1 point for every trail completed by any team member. The more team member you have and the more trails completed, the more points.

When you register you can start a new team or choose an existing team to join.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the YMCA Trail Blazers.

Throughout the challenge we’ll be giving away random prizes from our sponsors!

And, we’ll be having a local brewery celebration at the end of the challenge!