The goal of Inspired Eating is to set my client on a lifelong journey of physical and mental health with regards to food. As such, I hope to create a long term relationship with my client and build a community of like-minded individuals who can encourage, motivate and inspire each other.



This is an a la cart 30 or 60-minute consult for a check-in or catch-up. All new clients must first schedule a 60-minute initial consult.


3 Month Guidance Package

This is the best value service as it provides the most benefit and is priced to create the on-going relationship required to guide you on a journey to inspired eating. At only $90 more than a single initial consultation, you will receive 12 weeks of bi-weekly consultations. 


3 Month Guidance & Prepared Meals Package (coming soon!)

This service is for the client who wants breakfast and lunch prepared weekly to pick up at my office in addition to getting consultations.