Maria Dalzot RD


My name is Maria Dalzot and I am a Registered Dietitian and nationally-ranked trail and mountain runner living in Bellingham, Washington.


I want to help you eat in a way that is in alignment with your unique body and values. I have a non-diet approach and weight-neutral message. My sessions will focus heavily on intuitive eating strategies, behavior goals, shifts in mindset, and support. I believe in understanding yourself and how your body works because only you are the expert of your body. I am here to guide, inspire and facilitate change.

I am also a professional long-distance trail/mountain runner for the shoe company, La Sportiva. My athletic accomplishments include North American Mountain Running Champion, Trail Half Marathon National Champion, and member of multiple U.S. teams competing throughout North America and Europe. 


When we widen our perspective and redefine what food and health mean to us, we have a healthier, more positive, and celebrated relationship with food.

Maria Dalzot


I completed my undergraduate degree in Nutrition at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia. During those four years, I developed a strong relationship with my instructors who helped me go on to earn my Master's degree in Human Nutrition and Food Science while concurrently working through my Dietetic Internship. After I successfully passed the Dietetic registration exam in 2012, I moved with my now husband to the Pacific Northwest. 

While in Bellingham, I have grown so much as a practitioner having had experience working in a variety of settings from private practice to employee work sites to classrooms and clinical environments with people of all shapes sizes, genders, cultures, ethnicity and economical status. I am thrilled to work with and help the community of Bellingham eat inspired. 

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