Personal Dietetic Consulting

A personal dietetic consult can help you improve the quality of your health, achieve your weight loss and/or performance goals, and support and encourage you in making lifestyle changes that will help prevent or control the onset of illness and disease.

When I meet with a client, some of my objectives are:

·  To answer nutrition-related questions regarding diet and health
·  To evaluate current diet and lifestyle habits
·  To help set realistic, attainable goals
·  To provide advice and guidance on improving current diet and lifestyle
·  To support and motivate on the journey to better health

These objectives will all be addressed at the initial appointment. We will discuss nutritional goal setting and appropriate methods for meeting your goals. Prior to meeting I will review medical history, lifestyle, dietary habits and other relevant information that may affect how we approach your goals. This is a 60 minute in-person consultation.

In addition to the initial consult, I offer a 3-day dietary analysis. This would require you to record all food and drink consumed for 3 days. I will then take that information and analyze it prior to our initial consult. This is beneficial because I will be able to know your average caloric intake, carbohydrate, protein and fat distributions and discover any deficiencies in vitamins and/or minerals you may have. This is important because it enables me to be more specific in my recommendations and follow-up plans for you.

Making dietary and lifestyle changes is a gradual process. After our session, we will discuss a plan for working together that best fits your needs and lifestyle. I offer a variety of follow-up packages and methods including, but not limited to, monthly in-person consults, phone consults, email and/or texting. Grocery store tours are also available for clients in the Bellingham, Washington area. 

If you are interested in having a private dietary consultation or would like more information about my services and pricing, please fill out this FORM or email me at

I look forward to helping you improve your health and enrich your life.

Maria Dalzot, MS, RDN