Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Carbonation's Effect on Calcium

Google 'carbonated water and calcium absorption' and get page after page of concerned drinkers asking if consuming sparkling water is interfering with bone health. 

This month's 'Ask the Dietitian' from, answers the question and examines the link between carbonated beverages, calcium absorption and bone density. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Keeping Portions on your Plate in Proportion

What you think is one serving of cereal:

What an actual serving of cereal looks like:

The reality of portion sizes can be pretty disheartening when you take a close look. Is one bagel really four servings? And don’t get me started on granola… it is just ridiculous. Are you curious about actual servings of some of your favorite foods?

Here are some common items to help you keep your plate in perspective:

A deck of cards= 3 oz. of cooked meat, fish or poultry
A computer mouse= 1 serving of a potato
1/2 a baseball = 1 serving of pasta
A CD or DVD= 1 serving of pancakes or waffles
A hockey puck= 1 serving of a bagel
Four dice = 1 serving of cheese
A golf ball= 1 serving of peanut butter
A tennis ball = 1 serving of ice cream
1 egg = 1 serving of dried fruit
A ping-pong ball= 1 serving of salad dressing
A dental floss package= one piece of chocolate

A golf ball is about the size of a tennis ball, right?