Thursday, January 2, 2014

Comfort Cookies: Consuming Nostalgia

This was my first Christmas away from home in 25 years. 

This was the first time that I did not wake up in my childhood twin bed, walk down the hall and see all of the packages from Santa displayed with our respective stockings on top. This was the first Christmas that I was not at Grandma’s with all of my cousins for the infamous Christmas photo in front of the tree. We have been taking this photo since birth and the thought of me having to be photo-shopped in left a heavy feeling of sadness in my heart.

Best Christmas gift.
Naturally, I had a hard time being away from the people and traditions I have grown up with. Afterall, it is the only Christmas that I know. But on Christmas Eve, I received a package from the post man.

Inside the box was a large Christmas container filled with 6 different types of cookies made from scratch by my mom, aunt, Godmother, cousin and sister. When I opened the lid, tears came to my eyes. Each arrived in one piece thanks to Mimi’s excellent packing abilities. I could smell the love, the nostalgia, Christmas. Each cookie was a hug , a priceless gift that means so much to me. I could taste the memories and feel the warmth of childhood.

The power of food is amazing. Food can create both positive and negative experiences. It can shape how we perceive the world. Food can connect us to the past and it can transport us home in one bite.

Happy 2014. May you be blessed with good food to fuel your health, your heart and your hunger for home.

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