Monday, April 29, 2013

Surmounting the Cereal Aisle

Eating a balanced breakfast every day is important because it jump starts your metabolism after an overnight fast and helps you maintain high energy levels throughout the day. Cereal has long been the the “go-to” choice and for good reason. It’s quick, requires no kitchen skills and it’s so tasty, too. Navigating the cereal aisle can be as time consuming and head spinning as finding the right greeting card. Here are a few guidelines to help you narrow the choices and pick the healthiest option:

1. Look at the nutrition facts label. Choose a cereal with:
  • At least 4 to 5 g of fiber per serving.
  • Less than 3 g of fat per serving.
  • No more than 5 to 8 g of sugar per serving.
  • No more than 140 mg of sodium per serving.
2. To really have control over how much sugar is in your cereal, choose a sugar-free cereal like Shredded Wheat, Kashi 7 Whole Grain or plain oatmeal and add flavor and sweetness with fresh cut fruit or a milk alternative like almond or soy milk.

3. Try something new like “overnight oats.” This latest oatmeal sensation takes a comforting winter favorite and transforms it into a convenient summertime (or anytime) meal. It requires no cooking, just some planning. Oats soak in a mixture of milk and yogurt overnight in an air-tight container, and by morning the oats are perfectly softened in this creamy concoction. Add in your favorite fresh or dried fruits, nuts, cinnamon, honey or nut butters  Find a basic overnight oats recipe and some creative versions here.

4. When it comes to milk, please refer to a previous post on which milk does a body good.

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