Monday, January 14, 2013

Fight the Flu with Bok Choy?

The other night for dinner I had some bok choy, also known as Chinese cabbage or pak choi. It is a very mild green and so I was skeptical that it had much to offer me nutritionally. So I decided to do some research and was pleasantly surprised to discover that bok choy is part of the cruciferous vegetable family which includes broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. These vegetables are known to be potent fighters of cancer and inflammation. Bok choy is a low-calorie, zero-fat vegetable that is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. It is also high in folate and vitamin B6 which are essential for supporting your body’s metabolic rate, producing energy and aiding your body in fighting disease and infection.

Pair bok choy with the super foods garlic and ginger and you have a flu-fighting powerhouse in a bowl. Just cut off about an inch from the base and the leaves separate. Here is the great recipe that I had for dinner. I promise you will not be disappointed!   

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